Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Binding the Supernova Quilt

 Sorry, Supernova quilt.  Your time to fly free is over.  

 As I showed in my last post, I quilted the Supernova quilt with an allover loopy meander.  It was easy, stress free quilting for me.  Sometimes I need that.

This is the bottom edge of the quilt.  Yee-ha!  It's always exciting to make it to the end.

 Here is the quilt, rolling off the quilting frame and draped over the ironing board.

 All loose thread ends were woven into the quilt.

 I usually cut my binding from fabric that matches the outer border of the quilt.  But I went wild this time and cut it from two of the orange fabrics used in the quilt top.  I alternated the two fabrics as I sewed the binding strip together.  I'm living on the edge - Ha!ha!

 This is the second orange fabric I used.  Both fabrics are batiks.

 Stitching the binding to the front of the quilt.

 View of the quilt and binding as it comes off the back of the sewing machine.  Almost finished!  

Be Creative ~ Sew Something Beautiful Toady!

Jennifer Thomas

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