Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sew Easy! Every Day Napkins for Greener Living Tutorial

I make these simple napkins for my family to use at mealtime.  They cut down on paper waste, are attractive, and you can just toss them in the laundry for re-use.

To begin, cut some 10-1/2" squares from your desired fabric.

Sew a small zig-zag stitch along all four edges.  If you are making multiple napkins, it is easy to do this in a chain-piecing manner, sewing down one side of each napkin, then clipping them apart and turning to do the next side.

Clip the thread ends close to the fabric.

Then simply finger press the edges under about 1/4", and hold the hem in place while you stitch around all four sides.  Use a reverse stitch to secure the thread ends.  Use a straight stitch and a thread that coordinates with your fabric choice.

The corners are a bit small for mitering, so I just fold them under, and hold in place with a seam ripper as I turn the corner.  Remember, they don't have to be perfect!  This is just for every day use, not a formal dinner party.

Here's a view of the finished napkin, unfolded.

I fold my napkins in half once, then fold twice more for neat storage.  Happy eating!

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  1. We use home made napkins for every day too. Great way to save on paper - save a tree says I.