Thursday, July 28, 2011

North Carolina Museum of History

Recently, I took the kids to visit the new "Story of North Carolina" exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh, NC.  The wholeness of the exhibit was fantastic.  They had sections on Native Americans, Pirates, the American Revolution, early family life, and farming, and it was only "Part 1".  The second half of this exhibit is scheduled to open in November.  I really wish I had brought my camera to share with you.  We saw antique stick pins, thimbles, and a sewing box.  The most interesting item was an early American Flag for the 13 colonies.  It was hand sewn with 13 large six pointed stars in rows in the top left corner, and the 13 stripes, too. It looked like it was made from whatever they had on hand.  If you get a chance to visit Raleigh, the website for the museum is

Joy Applique Block
(12" x 12")

Here's the most recent addition to the Curlicue Creations pattern collection.  The Joy Applique block pattern. This pattern makes a 12" x 12" block and is second in a series of five applique blocks, Faith, Joy, Peace, Love, and Hope.  This block pattern is for sale at the Curlicue Creations store,  Here's a link to the Joy block pattern:

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