Monday, July 18, 2011

Basket Trivet

Basket Trivet

Here's the basket trivet I just finished.  It's came out just dandy!  I made it 12" x 12", so it will work for just about any size pan, protect your kitchen table, or counter top, and still look great in your kitchen!  The backing is made from the same blue material as in the basket front.  I machine quilted around each patch.  The basket handle and the binding are both done by hand with love.  This item is currently for sale at

Have a super day!

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  1. Hi Jennifer, had to come check out your blog. I've got one too AND a website if you want to see more of my works. Curious have you had any luck with etsy or your blog selling? My selling is only through word of mouth...but I've been thinking about online. I've heard ebay shoppers don't want to purchase quilt works for what they cost to make them so haven't bothered there. Sandi