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A Big Box of Hobbs Batting

Look what arrived at my doorstep last week ~ A big box of Hobbs batting!  One of the benefits of being part of the Island Batik Ambassador team is the wonderful industry partners that sponsor us.  Hobbs has been supplying us with batting every year that I have been an ambassador.  Thank you so much, Hobbs Batting.

Disclaimer:  The batting shown in this post was given to me by Hobbs Batting and Island Batik.
Let's open the box and see what's inside ~ Oooh, lots of crinkly brown paper for my cats to play with.  They will be loving this paper (and also the empty box).

Oh wow! Hobbs has sent four Queen Size rolls of batting for my Island Batik Ambassador projects.  The Queen size batting is 90" x 108". 

A sampling brochure was also tucked inside the box.  There are batting samples and descriptions of each one included in this package.  During my time as an Island Batik Ambassador, I believe I have tried every one of these battings.  They are all wonderful.  I've never had any problems with Hobbs batting.  I highly recommend it.

The coolest part about the sampling brochure is that you can "pet" all the battings!  This one is my favorite.  It's the Tuscany Collection Supreme 100% Unbleached Cotton.  It's plush!  

The battings I received in my box are as follows:
Poly-Down Premium Polyester

According to the literature, Poly-Down is exceptional for hand quilting, but I can attest that it is fine for machine quilting as well.  I do enjoy hand quilting, but I don't usually have enough time to hand quilt my projects.  This batting resists bearding and migration.  It is machine washable, non-allergenic, and maintains it's loft.

Heirloom Premium Wool Batting

When you think of wool, you are probably thinking "warm", but wool batting keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Hobbs wool is made with the finest superwashed wool to resist shrinking.  It has a higher loft than the cotton batting, so it is great when you really want your quilting stitches to stand out.  

Side note:  I have a cat that goes crazy for this batting.  He loves it so much.  I think if I had a sheep, he would ride around on the sheep's back all day long.  

Heirloom 80/20 Bleached Cotton

I've found that 80/20 cotton is the batting I use the most often.  If I go shopping for batting in the store, this is generally what I look for.  It's a great all-purpose batting.  The 80/20 stands for 80% cotton, 20% polyester.  The bleached version is excellent for adding brightness to a quilt with a white background.  Hobbs makes a black 80/20 as well, which I can attest is wonderful for dark quilts or quilts with a black background.

 Heirloom Natural Cotton Batting with Scrim Binder

This batting is 100% cotton.  The scrim binder is a stabilizer that adds strength and helps to keep your cotton batting together.  Bonus:  If you love a soft quilt, this batting is so soft!  And, it gets softer every time you wash your quilt.

Thank you Hobbs for sending such lovely batting to use in my quilts.  If you haven't tried Hobbs batting before, I'd encourage you to get some for your next project.  And check out their Instagram profile ~ ~ they have new ideas every day.
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