Monday, February 3, 2020

Ohio Star UFO Quilt Project Update

 Did you see my last post about this quilt?  Here's where we left off.  The top was completed.  It looks so pretty hanging on the clothesline in all solids fabric.

 I loaded this onto my quilting frame and thought about different ways I could quilt it.

 Then another project snuck up behind it.  A project that had a deadline.  So I just did my go-to "in a hurry" all over loopy meander quilting in a black thread.

 Here's how that looks on another block.

 And here it is, all quilted and coming off the frame.  I'm tucking in all the loose thread ends in this photo.

I'm planning on binding this quilt with a black on black print fabric.  Almost finished with UFO #1 for 2020!

Be creative ~ Sew something beautiful today!

Jennifer Thomas

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