Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Compass Quilt ~ Secondary Pattern Challenge

Let me introduce you to Compass, my Island Batik Ambassador challenge quilt for the month of July.
The materials for this quilt were given to me by Island BatikAurifil, and Hobbs.

This month's challenge was secondary pattern quilts.  A secondary pattern is an often unexpected design that emerges when you put multiples of the same quilt blocks together with no sashing or negative space separating the blocks.

 This is the main block in my Compass quilt.  You may recognize it as my "Cherry Bon Bon" block from a previous issue of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks.  It was fun and challenging to give it a makeover with the Island Batik fabrics.  I didn't have quite enough of some of the colors I wanted to use and did a lot of juggling to come up with a look that I liked.

 I made nine Compass blocks.  When I put them together, I get this simple, Diamond in a Square type secondary design.  

 As I sewed this quilt, I kept changing the name.  Because this block's original name was Cherry Bon Bon, I started with Chocolate Bon Bon, then just Bon Bon, then somehow that morphed into Compass in the Woods, which I eventually shortened to Compass.

 I love the way the fabric colors and patterns play together.

 Compass looks nice hanging behind a Singer 301 in my living room.  I do most of my piecing on a 301.  I own a few.  They are my favorite machine for piecing quilts.

 The summer months are super busy for me so I did a quick loopy meander to quilt the top.

 I tried this beautiful pure white Aurifil thread for the quilting.  I was not disappointed!  It quilted smoothly.  I really enjoyed the feel of it.

I used the Hobbs Thermore batting for this quilt (back of photo).  It quilted quite nicely again, just like it did on the Accordion Quilt I made for last month's challenge with all straight line quilting.

 I was running a bit low on batik backing fabrics, so I used this solid sage green.  It's a nice coordinate with the woodsy colors in the quilt top.

 I pieced together leftover strips from several of the blues and greens used in the quilt top for the binding.  I usually do my binding in the same fabric as the quilt's outer border, but I really like this fun look.  I may try it again on a future project.

 My boys tested the quilt's cuddly-ness.  It passed.

 One last photo of the Compass quilt, folded and pretty.

In summary:  The Compass quilt.  

Quilt Stats:
Finished Quilt Size:  42" x 42"
            Block Size:  12" x 12"
                     Fabrics:  Island Batik
                            Batting:  Hobbs Thermore
            Thread:  Aurifil

Be Creative ~ Sew Something Beautiful Today.

Jennifer Thomas

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  1. Your quilt is really nice, I love secondary designs, too!

  2. Very nice, and your quilt testers look happy snuggled under there!

  3. I like the design and the secondary pattern. The colors play nicely together, and the loopy meander quilting in white suits the overall look. Great job!

  4. Lovely design and so much fun to see the pattern play! I love the morphing of the name from cherry bon bon to compass - quite the trip!

  5. Love those colors and the design. Well donea

    1. Thank you, Jen. The colors were quite challenging. I started out with a much different look, but I didn't have quite enough of several of the fabrics I wanted to use. It was a fun challenge.

  6. This is a great quilt Jennifer. Really strong design that keeps your eyes wandering all over it. Looks great in your Island Batiks, and I must say, your colours don't look "juggled" at all. Well done. :)

    1. Thank you Dione. It was a challenge, but a lot of fun to sew. Have a fabulous day!