Thursday, August 31, 2017

Watch Craftsy Classes for Free All Day!

That's right!  All day, on Monday, September 4th (Labor Day) you can view Craftsy Classes for Free!  Take a peek at a few classes you are interested in.  Learn a new skill, or a even a new craft.  Have you been interested in learning to knit, or cake decorating?  Fine arts, or photography?  This is your opportunity to view classes for free.  I know, I'm going to spend some time at Craftsy.  Personally, I really enjoy the quilting classes.  

Here's the link to the Craftsy All You Can Watch Day Party:  Craftsy Free Day!

You can visit now and browse more than 1000 classes.  Pick a few that you want to try on Monday, so you will be ready.

Be Creative ~ Sew Something Today!

Jennifer Thomas

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