Friday, February 12, 2016

Vintage Sewing Goody Grab Bag

 I recently picked up a grab bag of vintage sewing goodies.  Included in this find is:

An old Singer Oil can - no oil. 

This small glass dish.  I was told it's a button dish. I've never seen one before.  I'm using it to hold my lint brush, screwdriver, and other tools I use while I'm machine quilting. 

 Five old bobbins.  Look at the rainbow of thread that's been wound on two of the clear bobbins.  What happened to that red thread?  Melted?  It looks rough!

 Old Singer bag with several packages of needles, some open, some not.

 Singer's Student's Manual of Machine Sewing

 Manual for a Singer 503!  Yay!  I own one of these machines.

 Singer Student's Manual of How to Care for and Regulate Your Sewing Machine

 Singer Sewing Equipment for Schools and Colleges

 Singer Ideas for ZigZag Sewing - Love the colorfully stitched "ZIGZAG" lettering.

 Singer Electric Sewing Machines

Manual for a Singer 66.  Somehow a "Swing Tap" image got transferred upside down onto the front of this manual.  

I love finding fun and vintage sewing accessories like these!  Do you have a collection?  Leave a comment below.

Have a wonderful day,

Jennifer Schifano Thomas

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  1. Hi Jennifer, You certainly did score big time mate! I pulled out my hexies tonight and made a few for my insanity quilt. I've decided that I would like to show it in this years Quilt Show if at all possible. So I need to pull my finger out big time. Have you checked out the group on facebook. Their are some amazing quilts on the site. If you wanted to join just drop me a note via FB so I can sign you in! Well its late and I need to head off to bed. Hoped you had a lovely valentine'd day. Julie Beard

    1. Thank you, Julie! Have fun with your hexagons. Can't wait to see the results. Have a wonderful day.