Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Let Me Cut Some Fabric For You!

My husband recently brought home these HUGE and fun prop scissors.  They are made of wood, and have a hanging tab on the back.  Every day is an adventure around here.  I never know what he will bring home next.

I hung them up on the studio wall with my even HUGER sewing machine sign. This sign actually used to be hanging up downtown over an alterations shop.  The shop closed, in moved a computer repair shop, and the sign remained.  Of course, my husband couldn't let that giant sewing machine just hang over the computer shop forever.  They agreed to let him have the sign if he took it down himself.  

Anyway....back to the fabric.  I really can cut some fabric for you.  I'll use a rotary cutter, not the giant scissors, I promise.  The Curlicue Creations Shop currently has 113 bolts of fabric in stock.  
Click here to browse:  Fabulous Quilting Fabric

Have a wonderful day!

Jennifer Schifano Thomas

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