Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Star Quilt Block of the Month Tutorial #6 - Simple Star

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2014 and installment #6 of the Star Quilt Block of the Month series, Simple Star.  I thought after all the busy holiday times it would be refreshing to sew something quick and easy.  Here we go!

Simple Star finishes at 12", just like the other blocks in this series.  All seam allowances are 1/4".  If you missed any of the other tutorials, they are easy to find by clicking on the "Star Block of the Month Tutorial" tab at the top of the blog page.

I used three fabrics for this block, Dark Brown, Pink, and Lilac.  I'm working with Robert Kaufman fabrics.  The Pink and Lilac are from the Jennifer Sampou Studio Stash line, and the Dark Brown is from the Fusions collection.

Cutting Instructions:

         Dark Brown:  Cut 4 ea. 3-1/2" squares A               Pink:  Cut 4 ea. 3-7/8" squares B
                               Cut 4 ea. 3-7/8" squares B
                                                                                       Lilac:  Cut 4 ea. 3-7/8" squares B

Sewing the Simple Star Block
(all seam allowances are 1/4")

Step 1:  Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the reverse side of all the Dark Brown 3-7/8" squares B.  Pair them right sides together with two of the Pink 3-7/8" squares B and two of the Lilac 3-7/8" squares B.

Sew 1/4" away from the line on both sides.

Cut on the drawn lines.

Open out, and press.

You should have four each Dark Brown/Pink half-square triangle units and four each Dark Brown/Lilac half-square triangle units.  Each unit should measure 3-1/2" square.

Step 2:  Use the same method and the remaining two Pink 3-7/8" squares B and the remaining two Lilac   3-7/8" squares B to make four Pink/Lilac half square triangle units.

Step 3:  Lay out the entire block.  The Dark Brown 3-1/2" squares A should be in the corners of the block.  Carefully double-check to be sure each half square triangle unit is facing the correct direction.  The Pink pieces will be forming triangles, the Lilac pieces will be forming diamonds.  All edges of the block should be Dark Brown.

Sew the units into four rows.

Sew the rows together to complete the block.  Smile!

Until next time...please visit the Curlicue Creations Shop...and have a super day!

Get Creative!

Jennifer Schifano Thomas


  1. A simple block that looks so complex. Thank you! Happy New Year to you also. And Merry Eighth Day of Christmas, too!

  2. Thanks for the directions. Going to try it tomorrow.