Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Show, Shine, Shag & Dine 2013

The small town I live in has a big car show every year.  They close the main downtown road, and out come the cars.  I try to attend every year.  It's fun, and the colors and styles of the classic cars usually leave me feeling inspired to transfer the colors and designs into my quilting.

At one end of the street, all the drag racers are on display.  They like to rev up the engines every now and then. 

Trent thought they were too loud.
He was there to see the Corbitt trucks.  I didn't get any pictures of those.  I was too busy enjoying his reaction to seeing the big, classic trucks, originally manufactured here in Henderson, North Carolina, mainly during the early 1900's.

The drag racers are fun to look at.  This is just after we stopped and bought some delicious barbecue sandwiches from the Boy Scouts.  They did a nice presentation of the colors at noon.

I loved the under the hood paint job on this car.
Beautiful.  It made me wish I were at the beach.

Here's one of the more outrageous cars that was on display.  It has a jet engine.

Pretty paint job on this car.  I love that shade of green.

I hope you were a little bit inspired by this trip down the street in my small town.

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