Monday, April 5, 2021

Citrus Star Quilt Plus Three Cat Helpers

I've been working on my April Project for Island Batik Ambassadors.  I'm calling this quilt Citrus Star.  It's mainly made using the new Citrus Sun fabric collection.  For some strange reason, my cats are all seriously attracted to this quilt.  This is Ragamuffin, helping me with the paper piecing pattern.  

This is one of the long diagonal seams.  Aren't these fabrics just gorgeous?  I love that Sunflower print, and the colors ~ aren't they fabulous?

Here's a few of the sections pieced and ready to put together.

I decided to use Hobbs Black Cotton batting for this project.  It quilts beautifully and will be great for these dark fabrics.  Trail Mix approved.

I knew exactly how I wanted to quilt Citrus Star.  Mostly straight line quilting on my Janome Memory Craft, so I pin basted it.

In this photo, I'm quilting away and snipping a stray thread with theses adorable Unicorn Scissors from Darn Good Yarn.  They sent me these scissors at no charge, to write a review.  Stay tuned for that soon!

And for my final photo today, Sunrise, helping me quilt.  He's in love with this quilt.  Every time I get up he snuggles into the quilt.  It's adorable!  I think this one might be for him.  I finished quilting Citrus Star today.  I'm working on a few other projects at the same time, but hopefully I can get this finished up and post the final reveal soon.  Thanks so much for reading today.

Disclaimer:  The items used in the project were given to me by Island Batik and industry partners at no cost to me.

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