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Island Batik Scrapbuster Challenge featuring Ski Sweater ~ an Organized Scrap Quilt

Did you read Part One of my Ski Sweater Scrapbuster quilt?  Here's the finish!  This is Ski Sweater, an organized scrap quilt.  It's a scrap quilt, as it's made from little bits of Island Batik fabric I've collected over four years as an Island Batik Ambassador, but it's so organized that it doesn't look all that scrappy to me, hence the "organized scrap quilt" label.  

The Island Batik Ambassadors were challenged to create a scrap quilt for the month of March.

Disclaimer:  The products used in this post were given to me by Island Batik and industry partners.
Ski Sweater was designed by playing with another idea I had previously created in EQ8.  I was able to use my Accuquilt Go to cut out all of the pieces for this quilt.  There are over 1600 pieces in Ski Sweater.

I made a variety of blocks in different colorways.  It was fun to go through my stash looking for just the right shade or tint.  The cabinet where I keep my Island Batik fabric is now a huge mess and I need to reorganize it sometime before Box 2 arrives.

The blocks for this quilt also had to be constructed in different ways as the colors in some of them (pink block) went across the block in horizontal stripes, and some of the blocks (above) were arranged so the colors cascaded out from one corner in more of a diagonal fashion.  I had to pay close attention while piecing and while stitching the top together to make sure everything was oriented the correct way.

Ski Sweater is a large quilt, 68" x 84".  It was too heavy to tape to the camper for photos, and too large to hang on the clothesline.  My 6' tall son was busy with schoolwork on the only day this week that was not raining, so he was not available for quilt holding either.  I did my best with the photos.  Here it is hanging sideways on the clothesline.

I quilted Ski Sweater with Hobbs Cotton Batting.

I pieced and quilted with Aurifil thread.

I pieced and quilted with Schmetz needles.

I used my go-to loopy meander all over quilting design.  I quilted in a white Aurifil thread.

Here's a few glamour shots:  Ski Sweater from a different angle.

Front porch railing on a nearly Spring day.

My hand stitching spot.

Folded quilt stack.

Binding:  I used Island Batik's solid gray for the binding.  So lovely.


Ski Sweater
Quilt Stats:
Finished Quilt Size:  64" x 84"
Block Size:  8" x 8"
Fabric:  Assorted Island Batik from my stash
Thread:  Aurifil
Batting:  Hobbs Cotton

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  1. This is so pretty!!! I love the colors, and how you've turned scraps into a really controlled, lovely quilt.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, you did a great job picking fabrics and organizing them. I love it. Have you thought of buying a large curtain rod to hang on your wall? I have one and little rings with clips to hold a quilt and it works so well.

  3. I can see the ski sweater in this! Fabulous colors, design and quilting!

  4. Oh Jennifer, I love all the color sin this quilt. It is just so beautiful!!!