Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Remember Me Quilt

 Today I'm featuring the "Remember Me" quilt.  This quilt and pattern appear in the October/November 2016 issue of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine.

Quilt Stats:
Size:  85-5/8" x 99-3/4"
Block Size:  10"
Fabric:  Welcome Fall, by Deb Strain, for Moda
Batting:  Warm & White, by The Warm Company
Thread:  King Tut, by Superior

 Just in case you haven't heard, this is sadly the very last issue of Quilter's Newsletter.  It is such a bittersweet feeling for me.  This is the first and last pattern I've had published in Quilter's Newsletter, I doubt I would have begun quilting without it.  This magazine is what inspired me to learn to quilt. My Mother taught me to sew, but Quilter's Newsletter taught me to quilt.  Quilter's Newsletter stretched my imagination; showed me there are no limits to what you can create with needle and thread.  Thank you, Quilter's Newsletter for launching me on this life's journey, filling my head with dreams of color and texture.  I feel blessed to have shared in a small piece of your legacy.

"Autumn, when every falling leaf is a flower"

Sew something lovely today,

Jennifer S. Thomas

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