Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tucking in Some Odds and Ends

The year 2015 is drawing to a close and I'm evaluating my UFO list.  This quilt, the Super Scrappy Double Irish Chain is nearly complete.  I just need to tuck in some thread ends and sew on a binding.  Perhaps it will be my first finish in 2016.

Here's a little close up of my work.  How do you organize your WIP's? (work in progress)  I keep each project in a box, marked with the project's name on the outside.  I also write lists.  I have a list of quilts that need binding, a list of quilts that need to be quilted, quilts that need piecing, quilts that need cutting, and patterns that I'm working on writing.  

Do you have any good WIP organization tips?  Please leave a comment below.

Have a wonderful quilty day!

Jennifer Schifano Thomas

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  1. My WIPs are in whatever box, bag or corner of the house where they are worked on. Right now I only have 3 cross-stitch, 1 knit, 1 crochet and 1 quilt in progress. Only two of them are not really being worked on. I love your Double Irish Chain. Keep stitching. You are almost finished.

    1. That's wonderful, Cathie. It sounds like you are really organized. My lists are considerably smaller than they were last year, but I've still got quite a few to go to catch up. Have a Happy New Year!