Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vintage Quilt Shopping

There's just nothing quite like an old quilt.  When I'm out vintage shopping, and I come across a quilt, I always wonder...who made this?  How old is it?  And even, what was the maker thinking about while he/she sewed this quilt?

Here's a lovely, old, Four Patch quilt I rescued from the thrift shop this week for $2.00.  It's completely hand sewn.  It's tied with yarn, rather than quilted.  Very nice.  I have no idea how old it is.  The fabrics were hard to place.  I'm thinking late 70's, early 80's...maybe.

I got a little more work done on my Basket Cats quilt top this week.  I used some of this Green Bamboo Batik to sew a narrow border to the top and bottom edges.  

Then  I headed outside to take another flying clothesline photo.  Maybe I should start making kites?

Here's how my kitties are looking today.  I'm going to add an additional brown border around all four edges to finish it up.

Here's a close-up of the Shoo-Fly Cat Quilt Block.  This one reminds me of my own kitty, Click-Click-Kit-Kat-Sweetheart-Babygirl-Babydoll-Peekaboo-Babyface.  We just call her Kit Kat for short.

Until next time...please visit the Curlicue Creations Shop...and have a super day!

Get Creative!

Jennifer Schifano Thomas


  1. I love the quilt blocks and the humor in your quilt~ so happy we met on My Quilt Place :)

  2. Hi Jennifer, I thought I would stop by for a visit! I love your cat blocks! So creative!