Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quilting a WISP

Good morning!  Just yesterday, one of my online friends, from My Quilt Place enlightened me as to what a WISP is.  If you don't already know, a WISP is a Work In Slow Progress.  Perfect.  That describes a lot of my quilts.  Here's one of them:

Above, is the latest machine I've added to my collection, sewing my WISP.  It's a Singer Spartan.  These were make in the United Kingdom, and are very small, like a Featherweight, but with a drop-in bobbin.  After a little work, some elbow grease, and a quick on-line printout of the manual, it was up and running.  It sews a really nice seam, too.  It's a fun machine to sew with.

Here's my WISP, as I was sewing the rows together, and hanging on my quilting frame.  Yes, it's sideways, but you can see some of the blocks up close and personal.

Here's the whole quilt top, sewn together.  It's an alphabet quilt, made up of cross stitched blocks.  The cross stitch patterns are by Gloria and Pat.  I don't remember the name of the leaflet.

Here it is, being loaded onto the quilting frame.

And in these photos, you can see some of the blocks close-up, plus the simple quilting I am doing around each block.  I just love the "F is for Farm" block.  Look at the cute little sheep!

And of course, "K is for Kitten".  What else would K be for?
Awww!  Oh kitty!

Here are "H is for Home" and "I is for Inn".

And the story behind this quilt?  Why does it qualify for WISP status?  Well...I started cross stitching these blocks way back before I ever had children with the thought that someday...I may have a child...and this would be so cute hanging in his/her room.  Well, now I have three children, 14, 8, and 3, and it's still not finished.  Someday...this may be hanging in one of my grand children's rooms...sigh!

There's always hope, isn't there?

Until next time...please visit the Curlicue Creations Shop...and have a super day!

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Jennifer Schifano Thomas  

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