Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mulberry Square Quilt...Ten Years and Counting

Mulberry Square was the first quilt design I ever submitted to a magazine.  I was thrilled beyond belief, when it was actually published in Quiltmaker issue No. 86, July/August 2002, and again published in Quiltmaker's All Time Favorites, Spring 2007.  It was so exciting to see my idea in print, and to think that others might be inspired by it.   I wish I could see some of the quilts other quilt makers have made based on this design, especially since my quilt may never be finished!

 Mulberry Square Quilt Top

I recently pulled out the box for this quilt UFO.  I have pieced the whole top, as shown in the above picture.  I wanted to make the same version that was published in Quiltmaker.  I spent some time looking it over, and decided to use their quilting design, too.

 I made templates for the quilting design out of some old X-Ray films I've been keeping for who knows what?!  They worked really well for this.  I traced the design onto the film, then used an OLD rotary cutting blade to cut the slits into the films for tracing.  So far I've marked a little more than half of the top.  I'm using chalk pencils for the marking.  Ten years and counting on this project.  

Here's another version of the Mulberry Square quilt that I did finish.  It's all scrappy, without the borders and extremely simple, straight line quilting.  I actually finished this in 2002.  I still like it, but WOW - it's fun to see how much your quilting can improve in ten years time.

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Jennifer Schifano Thomas

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