Monday, November 14, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Thanks so much to everyone who joined me and all the other designers for the blog tour last week.  It was a blast to visit all the great blogs, and to read everyone's comments.  Don't forget, the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Volume 4 will be at your local newsstand tomorrow, November 15th!  The winner of the free issue from my blog was Jill from Lakeside, California.  Congratulations, Jill!

In My Garden Block

Again, here is a picture of my block from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Volume 4.  You can get full instructions to make this block in the magazine.  

I really enjoyed  reading all your comments about strange things found in your gardens.  There were 41 different critter sightings, including 10 turtles, a large number of snakes, a scorpion, a couple of tarantulas (Ewww!), an iguana, a reindeer of sorts, a bald eagle, an armadillo, and a javelina.  There were just too many to list them all!  Could someone please tell me what a javelina is?  I have no idea.  Some of you found interesting things growing in their gardens, like a mystery flower, unusual mushrooms, and poison ivy - yuck!  Still others found strange items, a pepper shaker with pepper still in it, an old septic tank cover, a g.i. joe doll, etc. One reader even has a motor in her garden!  And for those of you who didn't have a garden, I just loved these two creative answers about  what you would grow if you did have one.  One reader said a fabric garden, and another said money!

Lots of Love Quilted Trivet

Here's something growing in my garden!  LOL!  This week I made the Lots of Love Quilted Trivet and put it in my shop, Curlicue Creations.  It measures a handy 12-1/2" x 12-1/2".  The back features a cute country scene.  You can see the back and some other photos of it at the shop.  It's been so much fun making these trivets.  They are like mini-quilts and getting to be addictive!

Liberty Coins

Yesterday, I also went into one of the "mystery" boxes in my quilting studio and found these strips for a Liberty Coin quilt.  I sewed all of the little strips together to make these four long strips.  I'm thinking maybe some black fabric to go in-between the strips.  If I ever finish it, it would make a nice bed quilt for one of my boys.  ;)  Back into the box it goes, for now!

Button Dolly

And now the shopping spoils of this week!  I couldn't resist this cute button dolly I saw at a local thrift shop for 25 cents.  Her arms and legs are made out of strips of red and white buttons.  I just love her bright red hair, standing straight up on top of her head!  Too cute!  Especially posing with my still blooming basket of marigolds.

Quilty Print

Wes brought this cute print home for me along with some quilting books.  One of the books is "Olympic Games Quilts - America's Welcome to the World".  This book has pictures of quilts that were made for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia.  One quilt was made for each participating country - 396 in all!  There are patterns to make a few of them, but the real treat is looking at all 396 of them!  Great eye candy!  A lot of these quilts have nice movement to them.  Fitting for the Olympics!

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  1. A javelina is a wild boar. Someone must have been being silly! Lakeside is in my neck of the woods; wonder if I know your winner. I made a similar Liberty Coins quilt with all cat novelty fabrics. I sashed and bordered it in a light denim shade of blue. Your's looks like it will be right with black fabric. Sandi