Friday, August 12, 2011

Motley Crew Quilt - Quilts and More Fall 2011

Motley Crew

Here's a photo of my Motley Crew quilt.  The pattern for this quilt has been published in the current issue of Quilts and More, Fall 2011, on sale, August 16, 2011.  These puppies are so cute!  The magazine did a good job of presenting this pattern.  There is an adorable cat variation, and a floral option, also.  This quilt was really fun to make.  The puppies are all fusible appliqued onto bright backgrounds.  The eyes are tiny black buttons.  I love how the magazine did a shot of the quilt with a little boy and a beagle.  It goes so well with the quilt, and it reminds me of my old dog, Sadie.  She was a sweetie.

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Have a super day!


  1. Cute project. I laugh at the circle around the one eye. Might have to check out the cat layout. That's a magazine I don't get, well not right now that is :)! Sandi

  2. What a cutie this is. I love the dogs. I haven't done any fusible applique, Kinda of afraid of screwing it up. How big is it?