Friday, April 12, 2024

Log Cabin Blog Hop Winner!

I did this drawing a while ago, but Oooopsy!  I forgot to announce the winner!  Sorry!
The winner of the Log Cabin Blog Hop giveaway was Kathleen.  She's a regular reader and commenter on my blog and I appreciate her so much!  

Kathleen commented, "I do love your quilt and this was a fun one....the stained glass had to take a lot of time! I am always impressed when you go the extra mile and make a knock out quilt like this!"

She won a copy of my new Promises quilt pattern and 5" charms from the Romance Garden fabric collection for Sherry Shish by Island Batik.  Aren't these fabrics gorgeous?  I just love them so much,  

If you missed the post about my Promises quilt, you can click here to read it now:  Log Cabin Blog Hop

If you would like to purchase the Promises quilt pattern, please click here:  Promises Quilt Pattern

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