Sunday, April 18, 2021

Unicorn Scissors Review

I've been the lucky recipient of these fabulous unicorn scissors, sent to me by Darn Good Yarn to review.  Aren't they fantastical looking?  

Disclaimer:  These scissors were given to me by Darn Good Yarn at no cost to me.
I was curious to see how well they performed.  Sometimes pretty things are great to look at, but not so great to use.  I was very happy with the comfort of these scissors and the sharpness of the blade.  

I've been using them for everything for the last month or so.  I used them to make new masks for my kids going back to school.  No problem cutting elastic and snipping errant threads.

I wound bobbins and snipped the thread with the rainbow unicorn horn.

I snipped quilting threads while working on my April Island Batik Ambassador project.  

I snipped my hand sewing thread while appliqueing this Mariner's Compass block to a beautiful green background.  And lastly, these scissors have found a permanent home in my English Paper Piecing hexie kit. I don't have a photo, but they fit perfectly inside the pink Hello Kitty tin that I use for my EPP supplies.  Yay for Unicorns!

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