Monday, November 16, 2020

Inspired by Nature Blog Hop featuring Aloha Flowers

Hello and welcome to my day on the Island Batik Inspired by Nature blog hop.  I'm so glad you've stopped by.  For this month's challenge, I made the Aloha Flowers quilt
The challenge directive this month was to use as many fabrics as possible from Island Batik's new fabric collections to create a quilt "inspired by nature".

I received the Love and Kisses collection designed by Kathy Engle for Sherry Shish of Powered by Quilting.  Island Batik is having a giveaway on their blog to win some of this fabric, and the Sweethearts collection too!  You can enter by following this link:  Island Batik Blog  I'm giving away a charm pack of Love and Kisses at the end of this post as well.

To sew my quilt I used the blue fabrics as the flower backgrounds.  I used the white batik for the inside of the flower petals.  Then I cut the rest of the flower pieces from a random mix of the fabrics.  I was able to use all of the fabrics from the Love and Kisses collection in my quilt.  I used fusible applique and stitched around each piece with Aurifil thread in matching colors.

I used Hobbs silk batting for this quilt.  You can see the beautiful definition in the quilting.  I quilted around some of the shapes in the flowers to add some definition as well, with Schmetz Super Non Stick Needles. They work wonderfully for stitching through fusible web backed pieces and multiple layers of fabric.

I should also mention that I used my Accuquilt Go strip dies to cut the sashing and border pieces.  I love my strip dies so much!  They can cut much straighter strips across the width of fabric than I can.  And they are so quick and easy to use.

I backed my quilt with this gorgeous purple Island Batik fabric I had in my stash.  

I bound the edges of my quilt with this sweet pink heart fabric from the Love and Kisses collection.

 Fun folds.

Aloha Flowers
Quilt Stats:
Finished Quilt Size:  44" x 44"
Finished Block Size:  12" x 12"
Fabric:  Love and Kisses by Kathy Engle for Sherry Shish of Powered by Quilting, Island Batik
Batting:  Hobbs Silk
Thread:  Aurifil
Needles:  Schmetz Super Non Stick
Accuquilt Dies:  1-1/2" strip, 2-1/2" strip

Here's my giveaway!  I've cut one 5" charm from each fabric in the new Love and Kisses fabric collection for you.  Let's make this fun.  Leave me a comment about your favorite place in nature, and I'll draw a winner by random at the end of this blog hop.

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Be creative ~ Sew something beautiful today!

Jennifer Thomas

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  1. My favorite place in nature is the beach in Southern California, where I am from. Oh, how I miss walking on Huntington Beach, or down in Laguna Beach, or San Clemente.

  2. My favorite place in nature is any garden that has a chair or bench in the shade. A nice breeze is welcome.

  3. My favorite place in nature is at a cabin in the mountains.

  4. Beautiful!!! I love to go to Pennyrile State park. It's such a pretty place. The staff are always so friendly.

  5. I love the quilt. Using the white on the inside of the flowers really make them pop. Thanks for sharing and for your giveaway.
    My favorite place is being in the mountains of North Carolina.

  6. My favorite place in nature is in the woods near where I grew up. There was a particular spot I always went to when I wanted to just sit and think. It was always so peaceful there.

  7. Wow your quilt is so lovely. I love the flowers. They are a huge part of nature. This quilt would be a bright spot at anytime of the year. Thanks for sharing. I love any nature. I grew up in the desert in CA and loved that. I moved to IL and so now enjoy all four seasons. Ok, I could so do without winter and its cold. But this is where my family is so I find ways to be happy. And quilting is one of them. :) I love the mountains with all it wildness and green. I cant really say I have been to the beach much. Went once as a kid but dont really remember it. quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  8. My favorite place in nature is in the mountains.

  9. Hard decision. I love walking where we live in Lake Champlain Islands (good thing during the pandemic!) But I think my favorite place in nature is the Maine coast where my husband grew up.
    I really like your flower design and such beautiful fabric!

  10. Love your quilt and the colors you used!!!I love batiks

  11. Jennifer, this is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love the flowers, I love the fabrics, I love it all! What a fabulous showcase of the Sweet Hearts fabrics! And I love it as a tribute to nature. Locally, my favorite places are my backyard and Reedy Creek Park. More broadly, I love the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia. And there was a river near the campus where I went to college that I loved to walk to.

  12. The woods in autumn, love all the different colors and the leaves twilling down.

  13. What a wonderful blend of colors in your quilt. It turned out beautifully. My favorite place to experience the majesty of nature is at Yosemite national park in Calif.

  14. I love being in the woods. Birds singing, light filtering through the trees, the smell of nature and leaves, babbling brooks. What more could you ask for?

  15. Middle of a big woods looking up at the tree tops!

  16. As always, you have created a beautiful quilt, Jennifer! I grew up traveling through the Ozarks in Missouri, so the deep greens & cool blues of the many lakes have always caught my eye.

  17. I LOVE this - so pretty! These are absolutely my favorite colors, too.

    I have so many favorite places in nature, but the North Shore of Lake Superior is very high on the list. I love how it is so wild and changeable but always beautiful.

  18. My favorite place in nature is the beach with waves! I love what you did with this collection - the appliqued flowers are just gorgeous!

  19. My favorite place is the beach at the ocean. I love watching the waves roll in and out, and watching the seagulls swooping. For me, the ocean is a safe and peaceful place to be.

  20. This is a great design. It looks awesome. Well done.

  21. Aloha Flowers truly has the tropical vibes! The colors and shapes are perfect.
    We have a nature trail with a duck pond in our neighborhood that we walk on nearly every day. Even though there are prettier places in nature, I feel like this is part of my life as I see how it changes day to day.

  22. looking at these gorgeous fabrics and Aloha flowers reminds me of beautiful Hawaii.I long to go there again I find a peace there that Is good for the soul.

  23. My favorite place in nature is sitting on a porch of a cabin in the mountains.

  24. I love this quilt. The flowers are gorgeous and the quilting is beautiful.

  25. Love your flowers. It's hard to pick a favorite place in nature, I'm an outdoors kind of girl, love the woods, lakes, rivers etc. But I guess sitting on the edge of a river or lake watching the water as it ripples and changes colors.

  26. Jennifer your Aloha Flowers are beautiful and remind me so much of the trips my son and dil take with the granddaughters every winter. They always send me pictures of the beautiful flowers. My favourite nature destination has always been to go to the coast for the beautiful coast line; water and trees are so inspiring. In these times I really just want to be able to safely travel to the kids farm to see the horses running in the pasture! 😉

  27. Your quilt is beautiful and happy and the quilting is stunning! Thank you for sharing this! My favorite place in nature is any ocean coastline.

  28. My favorite place in nature is the beach. Listening to the constant flop of the waves hitting the sand is so relaxing.

  29. I love the flowers on your quilt- very 60's ish! My favorite place in nature is the Rocky Mountains in Canada - specifically around the Radium Hot Springs in BC. Awesome views! Thanks!

  30. Your quilt is beautiful -- a perfect design for the beautiful fabrics in this line. Nancy A:

  31. Your quilt is gorgeous. The flowers really pop against the background. Thanks for sharing about your quilt!

  32. Kathy,
    I think your quilt is beautiful! It has some of my favorite colors in it. I enjoy sitting at the beach and watching the waves roll in.

  33. My favorite place is The Great Smoky Mountains.
    cecilialyoung at gmail dot com

  34. Oh this is breathtaking!
    Love the colors and design.
    I like going to the lake
    and fishing.
    Carla from Utah

  35. I live in Northwestern Ontario and nature surrounds us. We enjoy sightseeing at many spots along Lake Superior.

  36. My favorite place in nature is a walk in the woods!

  37. Beautiful quilt! I love water, so any place that has water nearby fills my soul! Thanks for this chance!

  38. My favorite place in nature is a walk in the woods/forest or mountains/desert