Friday, May 11, 2018

Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine

I found this at the Goodwill last weekend.  I thought it would be worth taking a gamble on the $6.99 "as is" price tag.  It looked to be in good shape and the instructions were included inside the box.

This is the machine, after taking it out of the box at home.  It's a nice compact size.  Easy to move around, yet enough weight to it that it doesn't slip around or fall over when in use.

Finger protection, too.  I need that.  My machine only came with the pinking blade.  That was the "as is" factor.  I will have to order a straight blade online somewhere.

 I pulled this orange fabric out of my scrap basket to try it out.

 It was easy to adjust the strip width.  

I set it to 2", plugged in the cute little foot pedal and stepped on the gas.
It was fun!  It was a little tricky to feed the fabric through straight, but it might go better if I were sitting down.  I'm sure it will get better with practice, too. 

Here are the three strips I cut out of the orange fabric.  I'll be using these to cut hexagons, so the accuracy isn't that crucial.  In all, this machine is super fun to use.  I can see myself cutting all my scraps into strips with it in the future.  Yee-ha!

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Jennifer Thomas

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  1. you were lucky! save your arms from rotary cutting.

    1. Hello Barbara ~ You are so right. I didn't even think of it in that way. It should "cut" down on the pain of repetitive cutting. Have a fabulous day!