Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Home by the Sea - Quilt Pattern Rewrite

 Home by the Sea

I'm reworking this pattern.  Many quilters have contacted me and requested the pattern for the original quilt, "South Shore Road" which appeared as a series quilt in Quiltmaker magazine in 2004.  
I've changed it a bit, lightening up the background sky color, simplifying the border, and using quick piecing directions.  The quilt will be a small wall hanging size, 32" x 39".  

 This is a really fun project to use your scraps.  There is a variety of colors and small pieces.  I had a lot of fun going through my stash to choose fabulous fabrics, like this bright orange.

*Ruler tip! - Use a ruler size just large enough to accommodate your pieces.  This will help you to control ruler slipping while cutting.

I keep my pieces organized by separating them into individual sandwich zipper bags and labelling each piece with a small paper.  On the paper, I put the color, patch size, and patch identification number.

As I cut and sort, all my pieces go into a plastic box.  The box is labelled with the project name.  I also keep any extra fabric in the box with the project, just in case I need to cut another piece.  It's so much easier to pull the fabric out of my project box, than to go through my whole stash frantically looking for it again.  I was able to choose all the fabrics for this quilt and cut most of them out all in one day.

Have a super day!

Jennifer Schifano Thomas

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