Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Button Dolly's Name Revealed!

Pepper Mint posing with the Lots of Love Quilted Trivet

Congratulations to Cora, the winner of the Name the Button Dolly contest I had in conjunction with The Quilting Gallery. So many wonderful names were suggested, that it was hard to choose, but Cora's Pepper Mint was unique, creative, and fit her perfectly.  Thanks so much to you all!

Wreaths 'round the year

Beautiful Bargello

Celtic Cut and Use Stencils

These three marvy crafting books have been added to the Curlicue Creations shop.  The wreath book has a H-U-G-E variety of wreath making ideas, plus some basics, if you are a beginner.  The bargello book is for needlepoint designs.  Absolutely  breathtakingly beautiful photos in this book.  The Celtic Cut and Use Stencils is full of designs suitable for many different crafts.  All three books are gorgeous!  Stop by and take a look.

Ice Pellets Quilt

I also spent some time working on the Ice Pellets quilt this week.  I finally finished the machine quilting and got half of the binding on, too!  Hooray!  I love to watch a movie when sewing binding on.  This time, Gavin and I watched the Two Towers movie, part 2 of the Lord of the Rings series.  Spellbinding.

Heart Blocks

I worked on these 12 heart blocks for the old Christmas Quilt Block of the Month UFO that I'm trying to do this year.  Maybe it will be finished by Christmas?  Maybe.

Blue Dollhouse Railings

I started working on the railings for the blue dollhouse, too.  Pepper Mint's best friend, Belinda lives in this home and she is afraid to sit on the balcony because there is no railing.  I really need to do this for her, so she can enjoy her morning coffee from up above.

Dollhouse Front Door

Pepper Mint has been out house-hunting, too.  She found a lovely old farmhouse in great need of repairs!  It is not in livable condition, yet, but I'm working on it for her.  Here's a lovely set of front doors for her home that I made out of a picture frame.  She is going for the storybook cottage look.

Until next time....have a super day!



  1. Great name for button dolly. I'm sure she'll be happy with that front door! You're so clever. Sandi

  2. Thank you so much Jennifer, I can't wait to receive your pattern!